Obviously the primary weapon for any self-respecting cadet aspiring to become a musketeer is a rapier, or similar duelling sword, handed down through the family for generations.

Now as much as we’d like to see all of you sporting a shiny, finely-crafted sword that begs to be stolen by a six-fingered man, we recognise that in many cases that will not be possible. If you already own a rapier (or similar) or are willing to splash the cash to acquire one then please bring it along.

However if you do not own one and do not wish to buy one then please feel free to bring along whatever one-handed sword your parents may have handed down to you. Daggers as well. Obviously we would prefer something to fit the style of the event as much as possible so no Lightsabers, Sword of Omens, Conan-esque broadswords or katanas. If one of these is all you happen to have access to then please contact us and we will see what can be arranged.

Axes, staves, maces, spears, halberds, greatswords, morning stars and warhammers all fall outside of the style of the aspirant musketeer so these will not be permissible weapons for cadets.

The best way for you to settle disputes and matters of honour is up close and personal where the well-timed quip can be swiftly followed by the point of the blade. For this reason all ranged weaponry is not allowed; this includes bows, crossbows, blowpipes, throwing stars, throwing knives, throwing axes, boomerangs and any black powder devices. (Yes, we know they were called Musketeers, but they didn’t use them very often… plus The Three Musketeers has a much better ring to it than The Three People With Swords.)

No encounter with a group of cadets down the local tavern would be the same without some kind of culinary-inspired brawl.Therefore what we would also love to see is larp safe fighting food and drink as well as kitchen equipment. Bottles, fruit, bread, cheeses, chickens, legs of ham, goblets, tankards, candlestick holders… if you have them and want to use them or are willing to loan them to us so that we can make them available as appropriate then please bring them along. If you have something but are not sure whether it would be appropriate for this event then please contact us to discuss it.

Also… all those weapons we’re not letting you use as standard can easily be placed in armouries and weapons cabinets. These can then be retrieved by a servant in an emergency or by ne’er-do-wells you may encounter along the way. If you have weapons such as these and would be happy to loan them to the event team for the duration please let us know. The exception to this is any form of black powder weaponry. This style of weapon is still off limits.

Servants can, of course, use any improvised weapon, but for some reason are terrible with swords. They’re also handy with small knives, blackjacks, short cudgels, staffs, and baguettes.

Please note that all weapons must be LARP-safe latex – metal weapons will not be allowed. All weapons (including foodstuffs) will be checked to make sure they’re acceptably larp-safe by a member of the All For One team when you register at the start of the event.