Event Details


  • The event is taking place at:

    NP25 4DL,
    United Kingdom


The event runs from Thursday 16 May 2019 to Sunday 19 May 2019.
Players are allowed on site from 6pm Thursday and play ends at 2pm Sunday.
We ask all players to be offsite by 3pm on Sunday.

Thursday evening is for set up, workshops, and watching Musketeers films. The plan is to start workshops at 8pm and movies at 10pm.

Play will start with breakfast at 9am on Friday morning.

Play will pause at 1am on both Friday and Saturday nights. We need everyone who is sleeping offsite to leave the site by 2am each night.

Play will resume again each following morning at 9am.


Rooms will be shared. Some players will be sharing beds, but we have already established who you’re happy to share a bed with. Those who are sharing have been informed and we would only anticipate this changing if players drop out.

If you are staying offsite and have not yet booked your accommodation, here are some suggestions of places to stay which may be helpful.

If you choose to stay off-site either camping or a hotel, you’ll be responsible for booking and paying for your own accommodation.

Off-site Camping

If you would rather camp, there’s a campsite close by in Dingestow. It’s only 0.8 miles away, but along an unlit driveway and country road.


The following accommodation has been recommended by previous visitors to Treowen:

For information, Monmouth is approximately 15 minutes drive from Treowen.

Monmouth Tourist Information Centre may be able to find you further local accommodation:
monmouth.tic@monmouthshire.gov.uk – call 01600 713899 –

Travelling from home

You’re welcome to do this if you’re close enough.


There is parking at the site, but it’s limited, as we feel it’ll spoil the event to have cars parked right next to the house. If it is possible for you to car share, then please do so. Please feel free to post for car sharing arrangements on the players’ Facebook group.

The nearest mainline station is Newport. This is on the main line between London Paddington and Cardiff/Swansea/Pembroke. There are generally two trains per hour to Newport from London and at least this many from Bristol and Cardiff.

A taxi from Newport Railway Station to Treowen will cost approximately £45. Again, please feel free to share requests for taxi sharing on the Facebook group.

The nearest airports are Bristol and Cardiff.

The closest taxi companies we’ve found are:

Food and Drink

The event is fully catered, with meals and food to fit the flow of the narrative. We will have your dietary requirements, and the catering will respect them. Tea and coffee will be available.

Do feel free to bring your own snacks if you wish, although we’d ask they fit the genre. (By which we mean we’d rather Musketeers weren’t inhaling bags of crisps while watching duels, etc. Strange sausage is AOK with us.)

Please assume we will not be providing any alcoholic drinks, although it is possible that some scenes may involve us doing so. We will provide non-alcoholic alternatives for such scenes.

For some scenes we will have to impose a “No drinking whatsoever” rule in order to comply with our insurance. We’ll let you know in advance when this is necessary.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, please email musketeer.training@gmail.com.

There is a payphone at the site, number 01600 740224 which accepts incoming calls. You may give this as an emergency contact number to relatives. There is mobile reception at Treowen, although the location is rural, and it’s not great.