Famous Characters

Cardinal Armand Jean du Plessis, 1st Duke of Richelieu and Fronsac

Cardinal Richelieu is France’s most famous clergyman; now advanced in years, but lacking nothing in diplomatic skill, power at Court, or love of France. He is said to hear of everything that passes, from the intimate secrets of the crowned heads of Europe, to the sneeze of a mouse on the steppes of Siberia. The jockeying for his position started years ago, but the Cardinal shows no signs of slowing down or stepping aside.

Cardinal Jules Mazarin

Deputy to Richelieu, expert at Court matters, diplomat, adviser to both the King and Queen. Said to be Richelieu’s natural successor, although those who have said that publicly have a habit of taking early retirement.

King Louis XIII

A King in the prime of his power, Louis is the flamboyant centre of the court, regularly holding parades and parties, hosting diplomats, and acting as patron of the arts. In the last few years he has grown increasingly fond of the arts of the troubadour, and under his rule the court is a centre of poetry and gaiety.

Queen Anne

After growing increasingly isolated due to rumours of her siding with her native Spain, the Queen’s popularity has surged in recent years due to the birth of her sons Louis and Philippe. Anne’s power has grown, and her husband’s pride in his wife has redoubled. Anne has gathered herself a set of ferociously loyal servants over the years, and these days distances herself from court intrigues and gossip.

Rupert Roger, Comte de Brie

The Comte de Brie is a loyal servant of the church, known throughout France for his duelling prowess, and for his captaincy of the loyal guard of the Cardinal. De Brie is known not to suffer fools or the penniless and is ruthless in his efficiency.

George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham

After the assassination of his father in the early years of Louis’ reign, Buckingham rose swiftly in the court of Charles of England to replace his father as England’s premier diplomat. He used to be a frequent visitor to Paris and Versailles, but is currently banned from court. Speculation is rife as to the reason for this exclusion.

Charles de Castelmore, Comte d’Artagnan

D’artagnan, legendary recruit to the ranks of the Musketeers of the Guard, is now the popular Captain of the King’s Regiment. Fresh recruits travel from all over France to the Academy, which he oversees personally.

Armand de Sillègue d’Athos, Count de la Fère

Athos, once comrade-in-arms to d’Artagnan and loyal servant of the King, was dishonourably discharged some years ago and has since disappeared.

Porthos, Baron du Vallon de Bracieux de Pierrefonds

Porthos, despite owning lands in Pierrefonds, is rumoured to have set up a coaching inn near the river Oise. His table is said to be a gastronomiste’s delight, and the inn also a great centre of sporting competition.

Father Chevalier René d’Herblay

D’Herblay – or Aramis, as he is often known – is a Jesuit priest famed for his piety and for his previous life as a Musketeer to the King. He ministers to a large congregation in Paris, and avoids mention of his past exploits.

Guy Guiscard, Comte de Léon

The Comte de Léon is a familiar figure at court, and is a prime example of that type of nobility whose breeding exceeds their income. ‘Guy the Shabby’, as he is known, has fallen far from the glory days of his ancestors when Even “Le Grand” de Léon founded the dynasty on the principles of honour and chivalry.

Nicole Fouquet, Marquise de Belle-Île, Vicomtesse de Melun et Vaux

King Louis’ Master of the Royal Mint, Nicole is one of the most powerful women in France, an establishment figure with very clear ideas that each person should know their station in life and stick to it.

Justine Donatien

(Cadet, Cadre Bleu)
Justine Donatien is more inclined to push every limit of human excess, emotion and experience, than in chivalrous behaviour or martial glory. An excellent duellist, Justine’s passion lies in the finer arts of seduction, intrigue and politics. She is keen to help, but most often ends up helping herself first.

Jerome La Fleur

(Cadet, Cadre Jaune)
The ‘Monster of Privas’, Jerome la Fleur, was allegedly instrumental in the infamous massacre of 1629. A sour antithesis of chivalry, a rarely beaten duellist and possessed of a fervour for France rivalled only by d’Arc herself. Why such a reviled figure would enrol in Cadre Jaune is a mystery…

Gaston Chastain

(Servant, Cadre Rose)
Gaston Chastain is the son of Captain Anton Chastain and Musketeer Marette Fournier. His parents fame alone would have granted Gaston a place in the corps, and his heroic activities behind the walls of the Siege of La Rochelle would confirm it. However Gaston turned down the position of Musketeer, and appears to be have achieved some success as a chef in Montaubin. His recent enrolment as a servant in Cadre Rose has surprised everyone, including Gaston. Could parental string pulling be involved?

Gaurin de Montauban

(Cadet, Cadre Rose)
A hero of La Rochelle, who defended Ile de Re against the English but has become jaded because of what he experienced. He fights now for duty, leaving glory to the younger generation. “I can find a solace in food that I cannot find in throwing lives down the throat of cannon.”